rob ball

By Hoxton Mini Press, May 2019

From Blackpool to Brighton, the pastel colours, faded arcades and worn-out carpets of British coastal towns evoke a particular nostalgia. With the changing tides of the British political landscape, these traditional resorts appear fragile and some are falling into disrepair. Nevertheless, some are thriving (thanks to regeneration funds), and all retain a special charm and retro appeal. Shooting for more than a decade since 2009, Rob Ball has documented over 35 coastal towns. His images serve as a record of a unique culture that is at risk of disappearing forever.
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Coney Island
By Dewi Lewis Publishing, 2017

Rob Ball explores Coney Island to tell a story of a resort rich in history and with a special cultural significance for many New Yorkers. Ball articulates this historical context through the use of the handmade and unpredictable tintype process, once widely used in Coney Island. This is balanced by his colour work documenting the area's current diversity and popularity, with images made during the busy summer period.
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By Dewi Lewis Publishing, 2015

In the years between closure and redevelopment, Dreamland was left to rot. From 2013, photographer Rob Ball captured this Dreamland, mainly using the Victorian tintype wet collodion process. Tatty, forlorn but still oddly majestic, the empty park takes on a haunting air in his photographs. Tintypes are shown alongside contemporary colour shots and historical images of the park sourced from the South East Archive of Seaside Photography, which he directs.
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